Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Even If It’s Your First Day Together

In the hustle and bustle of the pre-holiday season, it’s hard to come up with a truly worthwhile and necessary gift. But you must agree that you don’t want to give your boyfriend something trivial and boring, you want to surprise and please. So, I gathered for you some of the best, in my opinion, Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

I have arranged all the mens Valentines gifts from the most budgetary to the most expensive.

valentines day for him custom socks

Custom Socks

The eternal problem of mankind has always been the ever-lost socks. “But isn’t it cheesy to give your boyfriend socks?” No, it’s not. You can make socks with any print you like. You can even make them with your picture. Why not? A guy with a good sense of humor will certainly appreciate such a gift.

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valentines day for him personalized photo frame

Personalized Picture Frame

If it’s your first Valentine’s Day together and you don’t know your boyfriend very well, your first Valentine’s Day gift could be a Personalized Picture Frame. You can put any inscription on the frame, making it really special.

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valentines day for him beard bundle

Beard Bundle

Is your man the lucky owner of a gorgeous beard? Then this is a gift he will love. A Beard Bundle is a beard care product usually containing beard oil, conditioner, styling products, and so on. If you do not want your gift to look “impersonal,” you can wrap it up nicely with a nice postcard.

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Naturally not all men like beards and some do not grow one. And in this case, you will naturally have a beard kit. But don’t despair, I’ve got a couple more interesting ideas!

valentines day for him coffee mugs set

Coffee Mug Set

This is not the kind of gift you should give to someone outside of “coffee culture”. A coffee mug set is something only a coffee lover would truly appreciate. Do you notice your boyfriend with coffee in his hand three times a day? Then he’ll definitely love the gift.

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valentines day for him whiskey glassware

Personalized Whisky Glass Set

Another interesting gift would be a set of whisky glasses. Definitely don’t give it to a guy who doesn’t drink whisky or who generally sticks to the sober lifestyle. Such a gift will be appreciated by the one who likes to sit with a glass of whisky in the evening and relax.

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valentines day for him monogrammed wallet

Monogrammed Wallet

This gift is the best valentine’s gift for boyfriend for sure, cause it cannot be called a budget variant- a wallet with personal monogrammed looks expensive and luxurious, but in fact, it costs no more than $19. This way, you can treat your boyfriend to an expensive gift without spending a fortune. Can you imagine your young man’s mood when he gets his monogrammed wallet? Plus, it’s a gift he’ll always keep with him.

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valentines day for him memory foam slippers

Memory Foam Slippers

Another great option would be Memory Foam slippers. Such gift will please men who value comfort above all. Thanks to special technology, these slippers take the shape of the foot and provide great comfort to the person who wears them.

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valentines day for him weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket

You probably know all about your boyfriend, and his sleeping problems haven’t escaped your prying eyes either. So what can you do when a guy can’t get to sleep at night and he’s gloomy and groggy all day long? Give him a weighted blanket! Scientists have long proved that a heavy blanket makes a person fall asleep much faster than a light blanket. In addition to this gift, you can include a card that says “may this blanket keep you warm on cold nights”. That would look very sweet. So, you can reach two aims: to find a romantic Valentine’s gift for him and also make this gift very practical.

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valentines day for him waterproof mini bluetooth speaker

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Best Valentine’s gift for the boyfriend who loves music. A Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you wherever you go because of its compact size and portability. Throw a party at home? No problem, because you have a small portable party at hand. It’s the kind of gift that suits both the active guy who likes noisy company and the introvert who prefers the privacy of home with music.

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valentines day for him wooden airpods case

AirPods Case

And if the above gifts didn’t suit you for whatever reason, you could look into even better options and get him an AirPods Case. It’s aptly named the best when you’ve got the money and no time to get creative.

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Definitely, yes! You might hear that “guys don’t get gifts on Valentine’s day”, but everyone loves gifts and cute surprises. So, if you want to show your partner your appreciation and love, prepare something romantic or useful for him.

So, you’ve looked at 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, hopefully, you’ve found something that will make your loved one really happy!

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