Box Braids: Popular Types and Treatment Rules

Box braids got their name from the square-shaped hair divisions. It is a protective hairstyle that is “boxy”.

Box Braids Treatment

After spending a lot of time and cash at the salon, you will want to treat your protective hairstyle to last. Here are simple tips that you can use to treat your box braids perfectly.

  • Keep your braids safe and tucked in a silk scarf or satin bonnet while you sleep. This helps to protect your braids and the edges.
  • Ensure your scalp gets enough moisture, gently apply a light oil to your scalp like once a week. You do not need excessive moisture.
  • To keep your braids and hair neat, wash it every 2 to 3 weeks. This keeps it from smelling. You can choose one of the special shampoos for braids.
  • If you intend to rock your braids longer than 6 weeks, you should go for a hairline touch up.

Box braids have the capacity to last for a minimum of 5 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks if the hairline is adjusted at the 6th week. After installing your box braids, you can be tempted to leave the braids for so long. If it still looks good after some weeks but it might cause breakage and hindrance to your new growth.

Box Braids Types

Before we dive into the box braids types, it is expedient to know the sizes. The different sizes range from small braids to large braids.

  • Small braids as the name implies are micro.
  • Medium braids have almost the same width as a pen.
  • Large braids are thick and fat, it is sometimes referred to as jumbo braids.

Now to the real deal! The most popular types of box braids:

Knotless Box Braids

It is a unique hairstyle that does not put tension on the scalp. The stylist weaves the hair with your natural hair to create a smooth finish that will not cause your hair to break or ruin your edges.

box braids knotless box brides
  • It is less painful because there is no tension on the scalp which makes it the ideal protective hairstyle
  • It is lightweight; this means you can have your long-haired polished look
  • It is highly versatile, you can have them done in your desired length, color, and width

Goddess Box Braids

These braids are sometimes referred to as Granny Braids. It is a great way to protect your hair as it grows

box braids goddes box brides colored
  • It can be worn for a long time
  • The goddess box braids have the potential to be heavy and cause pains

Box Braids for Men

Men’s box braids always appear cool and fancy. They can be styled perfectly in different varieties.

box braids mens box braids

Small box braids are ideal for a man who wants a super neat while big or jumbo box braids are worn by men with a stronger sense of style.

Box braids are simply great, versatile, and fashionable. They have been around for a long and may not go out of style!

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